Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Rescued Sewing Pattern

Proof of my sewing pattern fondness - this scruffy, bandaged old Simplicity:
rescued sewing pattern - Toile La La

Yesterday, I once again professed my love of old sewing patterns - for their illustrations, instructions, and too - little bits of the human touch, such as the handwriting on this one. Notice the consistency of the letter "t" - uncrossed, at the end of the words "fit", "skirt", and "it". And aren't those shoes rather appealing... but the main reason I purchased this pattern (for 10 cents!) was the collar - described as "Italian-type". So feminine, like leaves framing a flower bud. Ironically, the formerly most-coveted component of the pattern - the skirt, is gone. You'll see the pattern owner's writing which says, "Very good skirt. I think you will like it! Easy to make! I want this back when you are through with it." So, perhaps either the original owner or the borrower decided to keep just the skirt pattern pieces.