Sunday, April 12, 2015

Historic Moments in Knitwear: Proud Creations ad copy

knitwear of the past
For the tactile knitwear enthusiast looking for the perfect ensemble to magnify her size instantly, we offer you "Blue Lagoon" and "Throw Rug and Cheese Grater".

"Blue Lagoon":
Stunning, thick-enough-to-add-10 pounds-instantly!, tactile!... By the end of your special evening on-the-town, Blue Lagoon will have stretched its heavy yarns to pool around your slippers - living up to its name.  But that's not all!  Wait till you hand-wash it and wait weeks and weeks and weeks for it to dry...what a surprise.

"Throw Rug and Cheese Grater":
Won't your main squeeze love to cuddle you in this get-up! TRCG features both bulk and scratchy irritation in a single ensemble.  What a treat!

Thursday, April 2, 2015

Nature's True Wunderkammer

"What's this under the cabinet?", He said as he tied his cravat. She clipped over gingerly in pointed little slippers, "Looks like roots". They didn't know what to do with the thing. It went well with the decor and was a Serrurier-Bovy, but One can't just allow a piece of furnishing to take up roots and go to seed.
They placed it in the woods where it thrived, flourished... from its arcs and angles foliage grew and its feet planted firmly in the earth. One day, They visited it - a picnic under its shade and noticed monarchs springing forth - up and out of its glass doors - and into the blue sky air. Another day, as She glanced into the forest, a swirling soaring shifting murmuration of birds appeared like a mirage from - She was most positive - its direction.
Nature's true Wunderkammer.
"Nature's True Wunderkammer", Toile La La quick fiction and collage artwork images


Subterranean Folly

Directions:  Up the hill stand directly at center beneath the dome of the folly. Jump lightly 10 times to activate the door. Enjoy your stay and make yourself at home. The stairway is low-light illuminated. Please, if you would kindly feed and water the fox as well as the tree. The cactus only requires a light misting.

"Subterranean Folly", quick fiction and collage images by Toile La La
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