Thursday, February 5, 2015

Putti Mail Art.

With access to lots of angels lately via vintage postcards and old art book colourplates, I decided to create a ceiling fresco envelope.  The image appears as the flaps are opened to reveal the envelope content.  These putti, amorini, and cupids came from various works, but the inspiration was Andrea Mantegna's ceiling oculus in the Camera degli Sposi of the Palazzo Ducale in Mantua, Italy.

My favorite putti of all time are those sketched in so many of Bebe Berard's fashion and theatre artwork.  Bebe's usually consist of winged heads - so I added one of those just for Bebe.  

The moon was full earlier this week, so perhaps that was a bit of inspiration for the oculus.  The moon so mesmerized me with its glowing brightness, I ventured outside in freezing weather to snap its portrait.

Putti envelope - Toile La La

Mantegna, Berard, and moon inspiration - Toile La La
Photo portrait of February 2015 moon - Toile La La