Sunday, January 11, 2015

Plenty of Real, Good Mail.

Real mail and mail that is creative and good and full of wonder is one thing that thrills me - so here, I'll share some of it with you. E and I have been corresponding for many many many years - from the time we were in college together. Most of the photos show her mail - to me (and that's just some from the last few months!) Then, the last few photos - with the typewriting and paint swatches - show my correspondence to E.
Vintage photo and handkerchief E sent in my letter.

E decorated one envelope with a bronze-inked stamp.

Some vintage stamps from E's collection - kept from her pre-teen years!

Vintage advertising illustration - from the 50s or 60s perhaps.

The ladylike vintage handkerchief in E's letter reminded me of my Nana and her handbags.

I filled in a sketch E made of her "dry creek bed" project and am returning it to her - painted.

The outside of my correspondence to E.

We share a love of animals - particularly cats and dogs. We love paper ephemera and odd household items from the 1940s. We love typewriters. We love old photographs. We love stamps. E knows I love fashion and sewing, so she often sends bits of old patterns. We are bookworms! I have recently discovered E's interest in texture, so I frequently use decorative machine-stitching on her letters.