Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Pencils, Paper, Marker, Glue.

My eyes like cameras my whole life - I absorb visually.  I live and communicate visually.  Editing personal sketchbooks and scrapbooks - looking for style and imagery both seen and imagined within those pages, every jotted note, every image clipped, every sketch and thought recorded represents a moment in time.

I created sketchbooks and scrapbooks during the 80s - because, as an art student, I felt inspired daily by:
  • my own perception of style and fashion
  • color, line, shape... and the way images conveyed feeling
  • music, beat, rhythm, movement
In reviewing my paper archives, I see how artforms of a specific time:
  • accurately represent  a collective mindset
  • interweave - and creativity is cross-referenced
  • are - in a sense - prophetic of our lives in the future