Wednesday, July 9, 2014

L'Oeil Creatif a L'Avance A/H F/W 15/16 Collection.

A/H F/W 15/16 RTW, Toile La La model Fleur.

Inspiration: The aesthete's eye for color, shape, and movement - concepts of futurepast and perspective - and rainy-day Cezanne brights.

Sunday, June 15, 2014

Leon Bakst (stststst's) Cat in the Form of a Woman.

Leon Bakst - The Supper.
I like everything about this painting, mostly though - that the woman reminds me so much of a cat.  From her coy, sly, feline smile - to the way her sleek arms are resting sphynx-like in front of her - to the train of her dress, trailing tail-like and curved.  Plus - if you're familiar with cat behavior... it seems the moment you dress a table - perfect and pristine... that's the exact time a cat wants to rest upon it!

The contrast here too - of Bakst's supping sitter - is lovely, the distribution of dark and light patches, interspersed with intermediate grey.  It isn't just the clever placement of dark and light, but the way in which they nestle against each other - boundaries, yet companions.

Those oranges, I love that touch - the roundness, the brightness, the way there's just a bit of orange-ness near the face of this feline woman... and some orange shadow in the cloth.

This is a painting I would like to study in close detail, wanting to know if these really are orange oranges - or are they just apples which look like oranges through my monitor.  And, with closer examination I would know if there were faint hints of color within the neutral areas of grey or brown.  Are they dull greys and browns - or are there smidgeons of blue or maroon within those neutrals.  The brushstrokes too, are something I like to study.  However, for now, I will just have to enjoy observing this cat-like lady, her kitten-mitten paws, and her rather Schiap Shoe-ish hat from a distance.

Monday, March 31, 2014

Toile La La: In Review.

The Toile La La header, you may notice, now features my illustrated toiles - instead of Fleur from the H/W 14/15 Romantic Souls Fashion Show.  My heart is in illustration and toiles at the moment, so Fleur will return in later projects. 
Fleur at the H/W (F/W) 14/15 Romantic Souls Fashion Show.  Photo Toile La La.

There are older posts describing the toile process and the origin of this blog.  You'll notice the toiles vary in size.  The 2-piece sunsuit, romper, and bloomer-skirt are close to actual half-size.  I decreased the scale of the sarong, sunhat, halter, and the vintage Mode Illustree blouse.  The blouse was impractically small for a practice toile and would have been better for testing-purposes at half-scale.  

I created my own pattern for a slouch hat/beanie/cloche and for a winter hoodie-hat I call The Bear Head.
Test Toile Illustrations by Toile La La.
Vogue 8213 Sunhat, modified Simplicity 9702 sarong, slouch cloche, vintage blouse, McCall's 3232 halter.

Willi Wear for McCall's 7947 bloomer-skirt, vintage ballerina costume as romper.

2-piece sunsuit, Simplicity 1632.
The tiny blouse in the photo below the illustrations, is a mock-up test toile I created from a vintage La Mode Illustree pattern as a participant in the Vintage Pattern Lending Library 1912 Project - a Titanic commemorative project.

Monday, March 17, 2014

Fashion Collage: Spring FlutterGarden.

Spring FlutterGarden, Toile La La fashion collage - March, 2014.
A new collage for my Art Fashion Creation shop at Etsy.
  • black and white crownless straw hat, worn with coif oiseau
  • side-buttoned fairisle print capelet-collar
  • mega dot dress

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Kind of Time Travel-Freaky Friday.

You may have felt a feeling similar to the time travel-Freaky Friday feeling - if you are patient enough and curious enough to look through old photo albums of the type which have been carefully assembled over the course of many years -  

Reading a diary, travel journal, or autobiography might convey the same transferred feeling.

What would it be like - I often wondered - to be inside the mind of my cat... but I've yet to experience that.  For that matter, what is it like to be of any frame of thought other than one's own.  Too, there's the subject of recall - and how well you are able to remember even your own experiences.

In offering you this idea, my point is - it's an interesting sensation to even briefly understand someone else's perspective.  Hence, the Freaky Friday reference:  it was one of my favorite pre-teen reads; a mother and daughter completely switch places (something else I've yet to experience).

My Freaky Friday-time travel feeling transpired thanks to my archiving/pack-ratting ways - which preserved a smorgasbordic-cornucopic-encyclopedic collection of drawings/tearsheets/thoughts and observations from my teen/young adult life in the 1980s. 

I cannot convey to you what it would be like to live the life of my cat, or even my mother, but I can let you have a peek inside my 80s brain... via a book.

Toile La La 80s Fashion Design Book 1: Drawn.  Book or Zine Available.
The link takes you to Etsy, where you'll see a book and a zine.

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Collage Chimeric.

Collage Chimeric - magazine image alteration and migration by Toile La La.
Details, here at Art Fashion Creation.

Monday, July 29, 2013

Toile La La F/W 2014-2015 RTW Romantic Souls Fashion Show: Details.

Ideas for the 2014 Fall/Winter collection occurred after rain, thunder, and a rainbow - with a half-moon in the sky... late in the evening, mid-July 2013.  The air - damp, charged, and humming energetically.  The sky - still light, with both sun and moon visible - 7:30 or 8:00 PM.  Some of the colors were right there in the sky:  a grey - blustery and warm, a fierce graphite grey, cloud formations the color of shipsail canvas cloth, matte chalk, smoke or bones, bits of blue sky or robin's egg.  Within my mind's eye were the atmospheric colors of dusk and dawn; the silver and gold of winking stars - or of regimental buttons; blushing colors of love - and the stuff of dreamers. Emerging from primordial nature and hidden between the glowing golden hour and twilight silhouettes - were all the romantic souls:  diggers of dirt, laborers, soldiers, believers, explorers, sailors, peasants, saints, pierrots, cowboys, mimes, builders of steeples, and scholars from vast expanses..., the geisha of skilled subtlety and equanimity.  The resonance of voices, the ringing of bells, the equality of shadows.

Meindert Hobbema A View on a High Road, 1665 - wikipaintings.

Here, the Toile La La Romantic Souls Pre-Show link - to relevant music, videos, art, and fragrance.  The Art Fashion Creation blog link for the Toile La La F/W 2014 RTW Romantic Souls Fashion Show.  Behind the scenes, front row photos, and more - here.

Thursday, May 16, 2013

DIY Salopettes, Jumper, Overalls, Pinafore, Bubble Suit: Garment Conversion.

Convergence of a 2013 memory of 1980 Salopettes / Overalls with your requests for Do-It-Yourself Style and salopettes patterns - voila... produced a page of overall ideas with a twist.  In the '80s mine were hydrangea blue and we called it a Bubble Suit.

The conversion is for any pants, shorts, or skirt with a waistband.  The easiest way to visualize the bib is to think of a pillowcase (sized to cover a portion of your torso).  Using a fabric with more weight for the bib would eliminate the need for double-thickness and would only require pressed and stitched edges.  In the DIY sketches above, the rectangle (with buttonholes added) is stitched inside the waistband of the existing garment, straps are added... then it's time to customize.

To get nice corners on the bib-front, instead of forming an "L" at the tips - 2 or 3 diagonal stitches are the secret... (Thank you dear Professor B for teaching me this construction technique!)

Straps, Closures, Pockets, and Silhouettes provide so many variations to explore when making your own salopettes, overalls, pinafore, jumper.  Straps are simply long pressed and topstitched tubes of fabric.  Wide grosgrain ribbon would provide nice straps for a lightweight fabric and might work nicely with the knotting technique (keep buttonholes small and vertical).

My "dream variations" include a double-buttonhole "carrier" for flowers - or a stitched-on ribbon for securely tying flowers (muguet de bois - "lily of the valley"), a triple-function pocket with slots for pencils / brushes and flowers, and a stitched-on button securing a pencil - that idea made me so happy I could burst into confetti - like a fancy party cracker.  (Make a loop at one end of string, slip it around the button.  The other end of the string can be tied to a rubber band and wound around the top of the pencil.  Or, string tied around the pencil can be secured by adding a bigger slip-on eraser.)

Throw on a t-shirt (a short and puff-sleeved one with a bateau neckline is charming) and pull on your DIY Salopette, Overalls, Pinafore, Jumper.  Run outside to make the most of your Do-It-Yourself Fashion... because this is a one-piece garment that lends a carefree feeling - frisk about and have fun.  Head to the flower garden - or a florist and find fragrant blooms to add some Petit Trianon joie de vivre and pretty panache!

If you're looking for specific jumpsuit or salopettes sewing patterns, some of the ones I've seen available online are McCall's 6437 or 7581 - both NY NY Collection and from the 90s... with a looser fit - or Butterick 3989 overalls / dungarees from the 80s - or unique 1971 Simplicity 9533 knickerbockers with suspenders.  If you're interested in a garment more like a romper or sunsuit - for easier dressing - try McCall's 6083.  Select this link to see an Art Fashion Creation post featuring one of my practice toiles of a style similar to McCall's 6083 - the pattern was intended for a ballet / dance costume - but lent itself to playsuit variations.  The practice toile for the romper is also here (look for the orange strapless suit). 

Another DIY Overalls/Salopette/Dungaree Conversion here - with a transformation from hitched-up pants to jumper or pinafore dress... plus you get a very cool 80s music video at that link as well!

Here - the miraculous dance-fever powers of a jumpsuit - from Booty Shaking, Pop and Lock, All Night Dancing at Art Fashion Creation.

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Headlong into Hats: Millinery Adventures.

Pictured below are several dressmaker hats - requiring no blocking, although hat-blocking is an art I wish to master. 

With the excellent tutorials explained in several millinery books - but otherwise on my own - I began seriously studying dressmaker millinery techniques about a year and a half ago.  Prior to serious study, the mock-up of a sewn Vogue pattern sunhat was my millinery initiation.  Confidence boosted, the sunhat experiment was intriguing and successful enough to encourage the creation of my own pattern for a hoodie-hat with ears - named "The Bearhead" - and I produced two, in a purple and navy faux fur - which gave my daughter and her roommate the appearance of jolly Sesame Street muppets. 

Later dressmaker hats included a toile de jouy-covered trilby (enhanced with machine embroidery), a newsboy hat - created from an upcycled jacket and '70s tie, a tall hat with brim - "The Conductor", and a small hat, worn perched askew - my favorite because of its odd shape, I called Petit Chapeau Cameo.  Those are hats to be found in older Art Fashion Creation posts.
Overhead zoom-view of Toile La La embroidered toile de jouy trilby.
Peering over the shoulder of the Toile La La Number One Good Luck Employee Cat, you see Coco the obviously- handmade millinery model - wearing a vintage chapeau.
A sunshine-yellow "Sunray-Cloche", photographed near an Asheville, NC mural.
La Belle Strasbourgeoise  -  Nicolas de Largilliere 1703, my next millinery inspiration.  Toile La La.
Coco (the obviously-handmade millinery model peeking over the shoulder of the cat) will serve as model for the Belle Strasbourgeoise Chapeau millinery mock-up, which may require a wire armature. To achieve the grandeur of this most wonderful and triangular La Belle Strasbourgeoise Chapeau, I may have to dive headfirst into blocking.  If you have millinery suggestions to help me in this millinery quest - your comments will be greatly appreciated.
A Packable, Crushable, Washable, Soft Sunhat - also reversible. Toile La La.
"Floriental" - Packable, Crushable, Washable, Soft Sunhat. Toile La La.

Saturday, January 5, 2013

My Fashion Illustrations.

Very very early, I began drawing fashion.  It did not correlate with my own era either.  Gloved and hatted elegant ladies in high-necked long dresses - shaped like bells and gathered together holding parasols were very different from the bell-bottoms and plain A-line dresses seen as a child.

I love the art of fashion illustration - being surrounded by the smell of pencil shavings, swishing my brushes in watercolor and gouache, refining lines, researching the details.  The art of fashion is very thrilling.  The history of the art of fashion illustration - for me - is a history just as fascinating as that of fashion itself.

For many years I thought the imagining of the designs of fashion might be minor - compared to the actual art of construction - and the idea served as impetus for a desire to learn to sew.  All told, both the imagining and the construction are necessary for the design to appear - realized.

The love of detail, line, color, and the Need to record those ideas - which have always appeared to me - has never diminished.
Sea Anemone Corsages at Shoulders of Sailor Shirt - Fashion Illustration Toile La La.
The fashion illustration above - appeared with a tutorial post demonstrating construction of the Sea Anemone Corsages - created with simple fabric tubes.  Learn how to make them at the Art Fashion Creation link here.


Friday, January 4, 2013

The Edwardian Dress Re-Appears.

Toile La La 2010 illustration - Jade in Edwardian Dress.
Edwardian Dresses - vintage image scanned by Toile La La.
See the entire post at this Art Fashion Creation link.  There, you will also find links for paper time travel - courtesy of Toile La La and Art Fashion Creation.  Bon Voyage.

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Miniature Fashion Photo Shoot.

Toile La La paperdolls wearing Mary Katrantzou dress design collage artwork and enjoying The Secret Garden from Venus and Martin Dodge's Making Miniatures in 1/12 Scale, pp. 78 and 79. Toile La La photo shoot.
Toile La La  collage paperdoll wearing Mary Katrantzou and standing in Jean Nisbett's Home Of An Artist in The Big Book of the Dolls' House, p. 60.

These collage paperdolls, clothed in Mary Katrantzou, appeared in a post earlier this year.  They temporarily inhabited a very chic Benefit Gina - My Place Or Yours eau de toilette box, but are exploring currently exploring the fantastic interiors and landscapes of miniaturists Jean Nisbett and Venus and Martin Dodge.  

Friday, November 9, 2012

Toile La La Employee Photo Session.

Fleur, Bebe, Feuille, Number One GLEC, and Hattie. Coco, Camellia Pincushion, and Mimi appear at Art Fashion Creation.  Toile La La photo, November 2012.

As a follow-up to yesterday's illustration, you will see the entire staff at this link. Photo shoot styled and directed by Number One Good Luck Employee Cat.

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Familiar Faces from Toile La La.

Come visit Art Fashion Creation. Illustration Toile La La November 2012.
See a close-up at this link, where you'll get updates for all the lovely girls of Toile La La.