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Friday, March 27, 2015

Barbie Progress Update

Progress report: Barbie now has a bosom which seems average - neither too large or too small, and - thank goodness! her feet are like real feet and made for walking - even though we all know most of her time is spent supine or sitting around. 

At least Barbie's recent self I saw is making progress. As constantly-changing as Tilda Swinton in Orlando, Barbie has for the most part mirrored pop culture's perfect woman (which seemed odd from the get-go, since she is a toy). To describe Barbie depends upon one's perspective and point in time. 

Maybe - once again, Barbie is showing us something about collective ideals, but the Barbie of now seems to be a better role model. Her feet are finally freed from the tiptoe position of the 70s and 80s (and her bosom - practical). She looks like a girl who can jump and run. Barbie has proven she can improve and that perfection is a point of perspective.

Monday, March 23, 2015

Spontaneous Now S/S 2015 Fashion Video

Front row seating... click the pink link here to see the Spontaneous Now show.

Spontaneous Now - Part 2 Jardiner

Note: The Spontaneous Now fashion show was originally posted in the order intended for viewing: The early-arrival review, pre-show entertainment, and Part 1 appear as earlier posts. Even better, this link takes you to the excellent Spontaneous Now video.

all fashion collage, clothing toiles, set photography, set styling toile la la
The magnificent models appearing here today receive my heartfelt gratitude! Many thanks to the DJ who performed wonders with my collage photography and song selections - assembling an excellent fashion video!  And,Thank You for attending my Spontaneous Now S/S 2015 fashion show and have a beautiful Spring day!

Spontaneous Now Fashion Show, Clothing Toiles and Shoes

Front row, picture-perfect venue! Welcome to Spontaneous Now! For an optimal experience, open music in separate windows : )
Sound: Fujiya Miyagi "Pussyfooting" here, Kolombo "Sniff" here, and Discodeine "Singular" here.

See Part 2 for more : )

Spontaneous Now Music Prep

Fashion Show begins promptly today at 12:15 - here in next post.  While you wait, you might like to load the soundtrack in advance:  Fujiya Miyagi "Pussyfooting", Kolombo "Sniff", and Discodeine "Singular".  Cool videos for these songs as well as the pre-show music, Metronomy "The Look" are to be found at YouTube. For optimal viewing, view show in a separate window.

Pre-Show Spontaneous Now S/S 2015

For optimal viewing pleasure, open the show soundtracks in separate windows.
Music - Metronomy "The Look" here:

all fashion collage, clothing toiles, set photography, and show styling Toile La La

Spontaneous Now S/S 2015 Review... for early arrivals

All about the New, the Fresh, and resonating life-force Toile La La's Spontaneous Now S/S 2015 Spring Collection is inspired by sprouting cotyledons, glaucous blue-green stem clusters, and spiraling shoots emerging from the good tilth of the Tres Petit Trianon Garden.  Think of crisp Spring air scintillating with energetic vibrancy, chill rain on fresh-cut grass, chirping birds, beads of dew on buds and blooms, lively breezes.  Spontaneous Now represents the spontaneity of earth yielding organic life.  Newness, potential.  Three garments anchor the Spontaneous Now collection: chic shell blouses with darts for shape... one an elegant halter style to accentuate shoulders, the other with an alluring cowl-neck feature at back - and, a sleek pencil skirt with waist darts and a lady-like knee-length made for walking ease.  Finishing touches are lovely hats of filigree straw which cast a lacy shadow - and practical pumps with a retro heel.  The delightful detail: shoe heels fitted with aquatubes to display fragrant flowers.

For this Spontaneous Now 2015 collection Toile La La has imagined a fragrance concept too - Jardiner - with the following scent notes:
  • clean smell of fresh-cut grass
  • bit of cedar bark and pine
  • pure oxygen - cold, brisk, early A.M. fog
  • freshly-watered earth of a Spring garden
  • a hint of patchouli
  • a whiff of muguet des bois
  • a large sniff of bright, sweet, and tart Mutsu apple 
  • sticky wonderful watermelon nectar
Stay tuned to this blog for pre-show entertainment appearing in the next Toile La La post - promptly today at 12:00.