Saturday, February 23, 2013

Never-Seen-Before Prom Ideas from Toile La La.

Books:  The New Prom Date - Toile La La February 2013 illustration.

Here's the link to a new prom theme and prom date idea at Art Fashion Creation - also a not-too-sweet 5-word prom poem.  Perhaps it's the February-dreariness or maybe it's Little Augury's "Edward Gorey Catwalk" post, but my long-dormant inner rebel is awake today.

On a day promoting frillier thoughts of proms past, I created an Art Fashion Creation 80s prom post with images from scrapbooks / sketchbooks of that era... you can see it here.

If you're seeking prom / party ideas... here in a roundabout way - is one of the most quirky and interesting party ideas I've ever encountered - courtesy of the Victorians... how they went bananas - for bananas.