Sunday, December 2, 2012

Have You Met the Divine Ottoline?

Lady Ottoline Violet Anne Cavendish-Bentinck Morrell was friend, muse, and patron to a host of creative thinkers - philosophers, poets, sculptors, artists, authors - and left a trail of evidence of her existence recorded through the eyes of her creative friends - and through her own photography.

Many of Ottoline's friendships "resulted in published fiction", says Patricia Gaye Tapp - author/creator of the blog Ottoline Divine.
Ottoline Morrell, Photographed by Cavendish Morton. Photo - National Portrait Gallery, London.

Read the Art Fashion Creation interview with P. Gaye Tapp at this link, to learn of Tapp's inspiration for Ottoline Divine, and her other creative interests - her design and decorating firm, Parthenia Papier cards, and her first blog - Little Augury.

If you enjoy history, fashion, documented social commentary, journals, vintage photographs, or reading of lives lived with panache - to meet Ottoline and read Ottoline Divine will be a pleasure.