Thursday, March 7, 2013

ZiZi Bleu in the Snow.

ZiZi Bleu in the Snow. Photos Toile La La.
Introducing the beautiful ZiZi Bleu... with the soulful eyes of 20s silent cinema actress Zasu and the vivacious spirit of a 40s Zazou, ZiZi makes the perfect model in motion.  Can't you picture her zipping by on a bike - pedals whirring?  

For her debut, ZiZi has made for you - snow angels with flapping wings.  She also appears in the Toile La La Photo Poem Elle Fait La Criniere d'Un Lion.

Full name:  ZaSu Zazou Ciseaux, but just call her ZiZi Bleu.


  1. so great-adorable, I think it's the idea of snow I love so too-at the moment! pgt

  2. Yes, Little Augury - I agree, snow is one of the lovelier and more natural forms of air conditioning. As it's summer though, floating on our backs - meditating - in a cool lily pond can only approach ZiZi's snow angels.


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